Atlanta Veg Fest 2017 and Beyond

November 16, 2017 1:18 am Published by

What a weekend

It happened. This weekend was our big debut, so to speak. Well, it was a debut at least. Saturday was the always important event known as Atlanta Veg Fest. Put on once a year by Leigh Saluzzi and her amazing team (including many volunteers), this year’s event was the biggest yet. We were lucky enough to be able to participate this year and it was certainly a great experience for us.

This is our first foray into doing anything like this on our own. While we both still hold down our full-time jobs, doing Grizzly Goods is a bit of an experiment for both my wife and I. In various stages of my professional life I have been able to dabble in freelance work on occasion. Designing shirts and posters for bands, creating logos, and illustrations for other apparel have all been things I have been able to from time to time. However, I’ve always had my everyday job to help keep us going.

Jill’s origami/mixed media art pieces are a little different story. She is a brilliant and creative math teacher, so witnessing her do something new and unique like this isn’t a surprise to me. But I know she felt a bit anxious or even nervous about putting her artwork into the world. Seeing complete strangers come to our booth and absolutely love her work was the biggest thrill for me. She crushed it.


In addition to all the new non-meat eaters that we met at Atlanta Veg Fest, I would also like to thank our great friends and family. Many were able to make it to our booth and were extremely supportive. This helped make our day a very successful one. Even those that couldn’t make it down offered lots of encouragement in other ways. All of this was very special to us and will not be forgotten.

Our Goods

So, I’ve been plugging away at getting items for sale on the site for a few weeks now. I really wanted to have all of this completed by the time Veg Fest rolled around, but it just didn’t happen. We’re a two-person operation around here and like I said, we still have jobs and family to maintain. Excuses aside, I think I’ve got everything worked out and ready to go. Okay, almost everything. We should have plenty to share, including our Vegan Georgia t-shirt, Jill’s super sweet origami artwork, as well as our stickers and pins. As soon as the shop is ready, I’ll post it everywhere.

Thanks, Tony

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